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Increase brand recognition and user base for innovative road assistance company in Serbia

Collaboration with Vozzi saw them becoming one of the top tier startups in the country and expanding to other European markets, changing the regional perception of what road assistance should look like.


  • Introduce new type of product to average population (low tech savvy and suspicious toward new technologies) and build brand awareness 
  • Educate prospects the app and shift them from traditional way of using towing services toward using digital channels
  • Increase app user base and maintain agreed average price per acquired registered user for whole year
  • Set up platform for app tracking (maintaining a good monthly platform cost/data quality output ratio)  
  • Find the best channels for acquiring registered users in order to achieve agreed average price per conversion


  • Although there is several platforms for app tracking on market, and each of them have their own quality, we have chosen what was the best suited for Vozzi in that moment, paying attention on monthly costs and how quality data we can get from that platform 
  • Setup campaigns and formats with different communication toward awareness and user acquisition
  • Working constantly with content team on different visuals and copy based on data we get through campaigns


  • 484% increase in users (Y-O-Y) 
  • Increase in subscribers, from 252 in 2018 to 3.898 in 2019
  • Client got approved for large additional funding

Innovative solution for road assistance in Southeast Europe

VOZZi is one of the most prominent Serbian startups, both inside and outside Serbia. It started as a small road assistance service with a few users, eventually become a mobile platform for drivers, helping users buy and use road assistance insurance quickly and without wasting extra time to sign papers and pay in store.

Today, VOZZi is one of the leading companies in Serbia in road assistance industry with over 45 thousands users in Serbian market and with plans of expanding across the Balkan region. During the last couple of years, VOZZi has improved its market position, as evidenced by the rapid growth in user base and the brand recognition, as it seeks to become one-stop-shop for all car owning aspects: from regular car services and registration to car insurance and other promotional activities that traditional auto services and shops have in their offer, in other words, utilization of Big Data in Automotive industry service segment. In 2019, we partnered with VOZZi, and together we started working on improving the way they business works, positions itself and communicates online. 

Growing app user base

Together, we decide our target groups and where to find them, what we will track for better analysis. After setting and connecting all the necessary assets for app tracking, we started planning communication, campaigns and formats with optimal budgets. In 2018 VOZZi had approximately about  7000 registered users, by the end of 2019 we increased the number to over 100 thousands app installation and more than 42 thousands registered users, resulting in large increase of direct revenue brought by users and also additional fundings from investors. In 2020, with all information, questions and advice that we collected from users, VOZZi finished the reshuffle and redesign of app interface, and new projected path in 2020 is expansion on region, and we will gladly help them in their next life stage of the company.

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