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Research is at the heart of all our services. We work alongside our clients to dive deep into their business data. We take a look at their customers, segmenting them and mapping their customer journey. By categorizing user intent and mapping journey according to it, it provides us with relevant insight which we use to develop further decisions. This enables us to:

  • Understand the market landscape
  • Have an overview of what the competition is doing
  • Recognize various categories of user intent
  • Plan, segment and map user journey


The bulk of our work is based on planning and conceptualizing various digital marketing strategies. We use business and user data and match them together, taking them into account while creating a strategic digital marketing and communication framework. Through this, we:

  • Create various custom-made marketing frameworks
  • Create frameworks that are evolving as the business needs evolve
  • Design and plan the way other teams are going to be executing the strategy
  • Blend various digital communication models


A strategy is nothing more than a bunch of spreadsheets if it is not fully implemented. We don’t just dump a strategy on our clients – instead, we work together with them to help them implement all strategic elements into their day-to-day business activities and procedures.

  • We make sure that every single point in the strategy is fully implemented
  • Implementation emphasizes pre-existing internal practices
  • All strategic frameworks are custom-made according to the specific business context
  • We go together through a training process that aims to provide you with the necessary tools to keep the implemented framework up and running


Sometimes, implementing strategic elements means that our clients need to do a thorough update of their operations – we help them with that in a way that we help them create digital teams, employ people, develop internal procedures and other organizational shifts needed to truly have a strategic approach to digital business.

  • We help our clients find, hire and develop digital talents
  • We help our clients plan and develop digital business teams
  • We coordinate and communicate with external agencies
  • We build and develop internal digital marketing procedures


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