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We take a look at customers, segmenting them and developing various user journey categories. By categorizing user intent and mapping journey according to it, it provides us with relevant insight which we use to develop further decisions.

Market Landscape

We identify key players in a specific field, thoroughly researching their funnels and how different conversion touchpoints interact across the entirety of their funnel. Modelling this against the market data and conventional wisdom allows us to have a better understanding of the whole market landscape and user behavior in order to structure our own funnel. As top-performing funnels are always multilateral in their nature, recognizing how competitors shape and distribute their information and how their audience is interacting with it enables us to create more complex user segments and address their particular needs and concerns.

Competitor Analysis

We dive deeper into the market we are researching, focusing on the specifics of the marketing communication present among the most prominent competitors. Researching competitors’ digital marketing profile, analyzing their acquisition strategy, paid keywords, content marketing strategy, overall website architecture with a focus on conversion optimization and lead generation and potential user acquisition funnel.

User Intent

Analysing, structuring and mapping the various categories of user intent is at the heart of all our work. Recognizing that users are not one single monolithic and uniform concept, but a set of complex social categories characterized by a variety of motivations and behavioral patterns is a first step towards structuring a high-performing funnel. Not all users share the same intent behind their behavior and, by successfully recognizing, measuring and categorizing various stages of user intent, we can start developing and measuring various user journey scenarios, custom-tailored to fit the specifics of every funnel we work on.

User Journey

We work together to create relevant user personas on which we will base our further optimization efforts and which help us understand how they interact with your business in an appropriate context. We make sure that personas are meaningful, both from industry and business perspective. We outline their main attributes and use it as a foundation for further testing and experimenting. Using user personas that we have previously defined and matching them against relevant data, we create a fully data-driven user journey in the form of a digital funnel. We model every conversion optimization activity after this funnel

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