How we approach


Given the variety of tasks and projects we're given, our work requires us to be flexible and adaptable, depending on the broader business context of each of our clients.

Project workflow


Every project starts with a conversation with a client. We align goals, set responsibilities, define teams, deadlines and how we know if the project is successful. Those goals are determined depending on the project – through deliverables and tools, digital results, or through process improvement. Most often a combination of all of the above.

01 Research

We take a look at customers, segmenting them and developing various user journey categories. By categorizing user intent and mapping journey according to it, it provides us with relevant insights, which we use to develop further decisions.

02 Strategy

We use business and user data and match them together, taking them into account while creating a strategic digital marketing and communication framework.

03 Implementation

We don't just dump a strategy on our clients. Instead, we work together with them to help them implement all strategic elements into their day-to-day business activities and procedures.

04 Operations

We help our clients create digital teams, employ people, develop internal procedures and other organizational shifts needed to truly have a strategic approach to digital business.

We make sure that every single point in the strategy is fully implemented

All strategic frameworks are custom-made according to the specific business context

Implementation emphasizes pre-existing internal practices

We go together through a training process that aims to provide you with the necessary tools to keep the implemented framework up and running

Things we believe in





Project workflow



In order to make any good decision, we need to do our research. First, we want to fully understand your business. Understanding your business is half the job for us. In this part, we collect all information from you, analyze the competition, analyze world leaders or comparable companies, analyze current results, review what is currently being done well, what is not being done well at the moment and get a perfect picture of where we are. We have broad industry knowledge given our backgrounds, but also where we are new - we go very deep into research (granular), because that's the only way we increase the likelihood of good outcomes.



After the research, we combine all the data with our knowledge of digital channels and the result is a clear strategy - what needs to be done, why we are doing it at all, what resources are needed to implement it, how long it will take, when we will see the results, what could the results could be, what are our action points and when we can start implementation. And this is not a document that you will put in a drawer and stay there. Depending on the service and the project, this is (among other things) a lot of smaller outputs whose goal is not to look nice, but to ensure implementation and ultimately results.



If what was analyzed and planned was not implemented, we did everything in vain. Without implementation, there are no results. Our task in most cases is to ensure implementation. Whether you have an internal team, an external agency, an external freelancer, or no team at all, our role is always the same - everything that is planned must be fulfilled. These are usually weekly meetings, additional documents with detailed instructions, training, process optimization or, if necessary, implementation from our side. Results can only be expected after that.



Just as business does not stop after the launch of a single product, digital business does not stop after the implementation of a strategy. Situations are changing, competition is getting tougher, internal changes, external changes, all this affects digital results. It is up to us at this stage to propose new ideas, to develop teams, to continuously develop better systems with you, more resilient, more successful, sustainable in the long term. Optimizing everything that exists and raising everything to a higher level.

It is important to note that there are projects where our greater focus is on the research and strategy parts, as well as there are projects where the greater focus is on the implementation and operations parts. But in every project, whether we worked on it from the beginning or someone else, it is important to have something (documents, proofs) where all four parts are visible.

We personalize our main pillar according to your needs, business type and size of team.

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