A Growth Story… or Maybe a Few.


We value our clients as partners and grow along their side. Our team is dedicated to becoming a part of our clients’ brands and meeting their unique needs. Here are a few stories about how we helped our client partners achieve their growth goals.

Consulting category

Type and team size


Ideation, information architecture and structuring for an award-winning website

Find out how we collaborated with an autonomous material handling robot manufacturer and a team of top-notch web developers and designers to create an award-winning website.

Setting up a digital business structure for an Air Conditioner and Industrial goods wholesaler

We empowered Client´s business with digital tools and processes allowing them to turn their communication and business activities online and position themselves as an undisputed regional digital leader within their industry.

Digital business and e-commerce transformation for Croatia’s largest business essentials retailer

Find out how we helped transform and position this enterprise wholesaler into a recognizable B2C e-commerce brand.

Conversion Rate Optimization for a leading charter company

Find out how we improved online sales for Navigare Yachting; allowing them to start gaining more direct bookings in just a matter of months!

Lead generation through digital advertising for a municipal equipment manufacturer

By combining push and pull advertising in an industry that is not overly inclined to advertising, we achieved a 28% increase in the first 3 months, and a 79% increase in leads generated internationally in the second year.

Solving the problem of faceted navigation in SEO - “for good”

Find out how we designed a faceted navigation plugin for Neostar; allowing their new website to automatically & continuously acquire visibility and organic traffic, for existing and fresh long-tail keywords.

Clear digital growth roadmap for a 4* Italian Hotel

Through our strategic digital analysis we created an overview of the market and the client, analyzing more than 700 data points. We found and prioritized 70+ points for optimization, leading significant improvement of bookings through digital channels.