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If you are passionate about SEO, digital advertising, UX, content, analytics or martech and you wish to work on strategic projects with high profile clients, apply now so we can find out how well we fit together.

The Granular way


We are humble and we don’t consider ourselves to be the smartest people in the room. In fact, we don’t give much credit to opinions at all. Instead, we nurture a pragmatic approach in which we are ready to assess and adapt to the situation. We don’t assume to have the solution for every problem- rather we set hypotheses and test ideas until validated.

Openness to change

We are adamant in creating a structure of nobody being untouchable, regardless of the position they hold. There is no single-mindedness and no intelectual hierarchy - everyone can and is expected to express their opinion and articulate their reasoning - our work is strategic in its nature and strategy requires a great deal of critical thinking. We want to challenge and change preconceived notions, both for our clients and ourselves.

Challenging projects

Our work requires us to be directly involved with the client's business and decision making and this is something we do with all of our clients. No service is done in a vacuum - instead, we are actively involved and transparent with our clients. This leads to projects being challenging but also gives us open hands to do what needs to be done. All of our members are free to express themselves as professionals by taking innitiative instead of mindlessly following what the industry expects us to do.

Multidisciplinary team

Our team consist of a strategic assemblage of CMOs, digital strategists, journalists, Senior Advisors, University Professors, MBAs, and even Venture Capitalists and our work reflects that. We seek to recognize unique intellectual attributes in everyone and create a multidisciplinary approach to everything we do. Life is not simple and linear and the more perspectives we offer, the more we grow and develop.

What we offer?

Our work is focused on providing maximum value, both for our clients and our team.

  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Professional growth
  • Remote work options
  • Investing in education
  • High level of autonomy
  • Opportunity to drive new initiatives
  • Top-notch working equipment
  • Mentorship programs
  • No mundane projects

Two offices


Petračićeva 6, 10 000

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Tikveška 18, 11 050

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