Digital Advertising Analyst

We are looking for a full-time Digital Advertising Analyst to join our team in Belgrade, Serbia.


About us

The easiest way to describe our work is “CMO as a service”. In our everyday work, we serve as strategic partners for our clients and we actively work towards optimizing their business through building processes, using a variety of digital communication channels.

We are directly involved in client-side decision-making. This is a requirement, not a bonus. No facets of our services are seen as an isolated marketing variable – instead, it is seen as an integral part of doing digital business. We are actively engaged in communication and that requires a high level of transparency from both sides, ours and our clients.

We try to be pragmatic and focus only on the obtainable. We are not interested in solutions that look good on paper, but in those solutions that fit our clients and their respective business contexts.

There is no such thing as an intellectual hierarchy at Granular Group. Everyone is actively encouraged to develop and present their ideas, without any worry of ostracism or judging. This is extremely important to us as a majority of our work is done through sessions of collaborative work and group work.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a Digital Advertising Analyst due to an increase in demand for Ads-related projects. Although our Ads department handles the usual activities related to the Ads, their main task is to use available business data to conduct marketing analysis (with a strong focus on Ads) and to develop frameworks using that data. The majority of our output is strategic and our clients or 3rd party handles the implementation in most cases, but with advertising, we always have a few projects where we do the implementation so it’s easier for us to stay on track with the newest developments in the tools. Due to that, we are looking for:

Minimum requirements:

What do we offer?

How to apply?

Send us your application using the application form down below. If you have any other related questions, please contact us at

In your application, along with your CV attached we expect you to write a short letter of intent outlining your previous experience and how you feel you would be relevant for this position. Additional materials, such as case studies, are a welcome addition but not needed.

All candidates who pass to the second round will take a test where they will get a chance to showcase their understanding of relevant projects.

Applications are open until Jan 2nd, 2023


    (Max. size 3mb, only pdf, doc, docx)

    (Max. size 3mb, only pdf, doc, docx)