Conversion Rate Optimization for a leading charter company

Find out how we improved online sales for Navigare Yachting; allowing them to start gaining more direct bookings in just a matter of months!

Navigare Yachting is one of the leading yacht charter companies that operate in more than eight destinations worldwide and competes with major players like Moorings, Sunsail, etc. At the end of 2018, they started the process of implementing an e-commerce business model and they hired Granular to help them structure their strategic and tactical approach.


Navigare Yachting




2018 - 2019


  • As there were no direct sales yet, the primary goal was to ensure that people were willing to make direct bookings online, and based on that, reach the first target of online buyers.
  • Reduce the independence on online agencies by having a certain percentage of direct booking performed online.
  • Gain a clear overview of online e-commerce data and tracking for direct bookings and online inquiries.


  • We started with the website conversion rate optimization process, where we checked for the major blocks within the boat listings and single boat landing pages as they were the main pages from which people would convert.
  • The general focus was on the user experience elements like information around specific offers, filters, and calendars for the boat search process, as well as the clarity around each specific proposal.
  • In addition to that, we remodeled the e-commerce checkout flow from a single landing page to a three-step checkout process. This helped in creating a better understanding of the checkout funnel dropoff and gaining more clarity on the end customers’ buying behavior during the booking process.
  • To make sure that the website and company are trustworthy and to showcase strong industry credibility, we connected the client's website with their Tripadvisor reviews so people can immediately get social proof from other Navigare customers.
  • To track the output of the client’s online efforts, we implemented eCommerce in Google Analytics that helped understand the demand on the website, best-performing boats, campaigns with the highest conversions, etc. Additionally, we integrated the client’s CRM data with Google Analytics which allowed us to push back information about online inquiries that ended as a final conversion.


  • 144% A set of initial changes like adding new filtering options or booking calendars had an instant impact on direct conversions as we increased the total booking value by 144%.
  • From 0 to 10+ Increase in direct website purchases from 0 to two figures in the period of the first six months.
  • 231% Increase in Sales Qualified Leads by 231%.
  • New direction Proof that doing business online should be one of the core focuses of the company in the future.