We provided full guidance and assistance for a new website with a robust information structure covering a full business ecosystem. Full content strategy and a collaboration with content production to develop a content framework with a clear emphasis on consistency of information architecture across various user intent categories.Setting up an analytical ecosystem with fully optimized technical requirements for data collection and analytical surroundings. Acquisition strategies that cover main digital channels with an optimization process based on data-driven insights. Team development that consists of different partnering companies, freelances, and an internal digital team capable of tackling multiple tasks within the digital environment.

Results is a major local air conditioning wholesaler and is an official distributor of brands like Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Hyundai, Trotec, Toshiba, etc. In late 2016., they started adopting digital communication channels with a goal of getting more digital reach and acquiring more users on their website.

Unfortunately, things went in the opposite direction as the new website was a failure, being slow in response, lacking clear information architecture, no dedicated content and with lacking UX elements. Upon publishing, the website experienced a sudden major drop in the number of users and conversions, leading to a desperate need for answers and quick and immediate changes.

Research & Strategy

Although we are not advocates of immediate redesign processes as it requires a lot of time and investments, this case required such an unpleasant approach as the client was in a desperate need of a full redesign, along with UX, information system and content restructuring.

Initially, we have set up a strategic approach for a new website so we could address multiple business segments and set the foundation for future improvements. We mapped their business surrounding to understand the differences between B2B and B2C business segments, which include clients, distributors, brand owners, mechanics, business partners, etc.

We provided guidance through the whole process and steered the direction for design and website development. This included content structure, UX features, information structure and a complete technical SEO setup. We also implemented an advanced analytical environment, with an complete implementation and customization of Google Analytics.