Clear digital growth roadmap for a 4* Italian Hotel

Through our standard product - strategic digital analysis - we created an overview of the market and the client, analyzing more than 700 data points. We found and prioritized 70+ points for optimization that lead to significant improvement of bookings through digital channels.

Relais Santo Stefano is a 4* hotel at the foot of the Biella Pre-Alps in Italy. The region where the hotel is located is a popular pilgrimage destination, wine destination, as well as a SPA and relaxation destination. The hotel was re-opened in 2016 after it had been closed for years. The most important services within Relais Santo Stefano are the rooms, catering, meetings, the SPA, and the sports center. Their goal was to increase booking revenues.


Relais Santo Stefano






  • The client knows that there is a lot of space on digital channels, but does not know where to start.
  • There is a desire to achieve both long-term and short-term goals.The client wants a clear to-do list of what to do and how to arrange it, with detailed instructions, required resources, expected results and implementation duration.


  • The first part of the approach is complete communication with the client in order to understand the company ,the business model and everything related to internal digital processes.
  • Following that we didan analysis of internal and external results, the competition and data points where we identified room for improvement.
  • Then, we analyzed all digital activities in which we specialize (Advertising, SEO, Content, Analytics, Email & Automation, Social Media and UX/CRO), resulting in concrete recommendations and action plans.
  • In the end, we structure everything into an agile and easy-to-implement strategy in which we helped to achieve the commonly-defined goals.
  • We identified digital activities that will have a greater impact on the booking results in the short term, as well as those we must do as early as possible in order to be able to monitor the later situation, such as the implementation of analytics. Following this, we dealt with activities that will ensure a long-term comparative advantage within digital channels and the implementation of which will have a multiplier effect.


  • Data analysis Data analysis of the competition on digital channels in the last year. Extracted items where Santo Stefano leads, as well as identifying those where it lags behind.
  • Short-term improvements 40+ points to improve in the short term (first 3 months) to increase business results and to prepare for further activities.
  • Long-term improvements 30+ points to improve in the next 9 months to achieve a long-term comparative advantage.
  • Guidance Enabling a better understanding of their competitive advantage and how they should utilize digital channels to fully put that to use.