Increasing lead generation through digital advertising for a municipal equipment manufacturer.

By combining push and pull advertising in an industry that is not overly inclined to advertising, we achieved a 28% increase in the first 3 months, and a 79% increase in leads generated internationally in the second year.

RASCO is one of the leading manufacturers of professional equipment for the maintenance of traffic infrastructure in Europe. The company is a large metal producer and a high-tech development business that develops, produces and sells its own products in over 40 countries in the world, on 5 continents. RASCO group employs 450 people, and around 80% of the total revenue is earned by export.






2020 - Present


  • Assessing how to increase the number of new leads as quickly as possible for a client that operates stably and with quality in Europe.
  • Ensuring that this increase in leads is not a one-off, but that it is a new standard that continues to be a vital point of business growth, year after year. Testing new international markets that the client wants to open in and increase sales while using a smaller budget with targeted campaigns.


  • The first thing we did was agree with the client on expectations and desired KPIs in order to be able to evaluate the project’s ultimate success.
  • Then we divided the project into three sections - a) basic structure and short-term results (visible after the first three months), b) more advanced structure of advertising, automation and campaign optimization to ensure even better results c) long-term strategy that ensures continuous inquiries and implementation of new advertising activities.
  • The third thing we did was analyze the competition, market, volumes, buyer personas (decision-makers), pain points, creative and channels.
  • This was followed by strategy creation, implementation,continuous optimization and education with the internal team.
  • Funnel-based advertising, modeled according to the STDC model.
  • An agile strategy that included detailed settings for each individual channel, campaign, each individual ad set, and each advertisement. We analyzed unconventional push channels for this industry and included them in the structure of our advertising.
  • Supporting documentation such as naming conventions, UTM builders, reporting systems, optimization schedule, and a budget tracker.
  • Data-driven optimization of results with the aim of meeting the given KPIs.
  • Training of the internal team so that they understand the data and advertising itself as well as possible, in order to equip them to continue the work themselves.
  • Continuously planning new activations, automations and staying up-to-date with the latest developments, while making sure not to compromise the set goals.


  • 28% 28% increase in lead generation YoY in the first 3 months of 2020 (despite the start of Covid)
  • 49% 49% increase in 2020 compared to 2019 in lead generation through the website
  • 79% 79% increase in the second year (2021) compared to 2019
  • Current state Currently (2022) increase of 3% compared to the best year so far (2021)