Digital business and e-commerce transformation for Croatia’s largest business essentials retailer

Find out how we helped transform and position this enterprise wholesaler into a recognizable B2C e-commerce brand.

With more than 12,000 business clients, Makromikro is Croatia’s largest business essentials retailer. Makromikro has always been known for its service, inventory and prices inside the business essentials B2B wholesale industry, but has lacked presence inside the B2C e-commerce segment. We partnered with them to tackle that problem and to ensure that their B2C positioning is on par with their B2C positioning.






2019 - Present


  • Obsolete branding, brand positioning and presentation.
  • Old and barely functional website with limited e-commerce functionalities and inadequate presentation of products and offerings.
  • Non-existent digital marketing strategy and no digital marketing channels being used.
  • No marketing team dedicated to e-commerce.
  • Strong emphasis on business essentials but almost no awareness of the consumer electronics offerings the client has.


  • Our first step was to ensure proper branding. Together with the client, we created a creative brief and helped find and collaborate with a branding agency to ensure a new brand book which would be used for future activities.
  • We did a lot of internal and external research, mapping competitors, extrapolating costs, and identifying how the brand should be presented in order to increase market presence.
  • We were in charge of leading the whole e-commerce production process - from the ideation stage where we were tasked with the concept and website brief development, to the execution where we were in charge of creating information architecture, sitemap, SEO and analytics. Our job during the whole of 2019 was to make sure that the website is up and running and offers the best possible value for the customer.
  • We were tasked with the marketing strategy, including ensuring that all the relevant marketing channels were properly set up and budgeted.- Some of the channels were handled by external teams whom we collaborated with and some of them were done internally.
  • As for internal teams, we were tasked with making sure that the processes were developed and implemented.e made sure that everyone directly involved with digital marketing was following the same model, with the same goal in mind.
  • We continued providing consistent support, making sure that the quality of used channels is ever increasing and also taking a deep dive into business data to ensure that the decisions made were driven byclear business logic.


  • +100% More than 100% growth of e-commerce revenue on a year-to-year basis ever since the project started.
  • New B2B clients More than 2000 new B2B clients that can be attributed solely to the website and digital channels.
  • Internal development Client has a dedicated internal marketing team that we helped develop, together with marketing-related processes being used.
  • Vision An unified vision of the project's purpose, where everyone was on board.