Content strategy for global Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Enterprise Solutions SAAS

During 2020 we started collaborating with SysKit on numerous SEO- and content-related projects with the aim of increasing visibility and streamlining the content creation process.

Find out how we helped our client streamline their content production and management in a competitive environment of Microsoft and SharePoint enterprise solutions.






2020 - ongoing


  • To take advantage of the remote-first momentum that was prevalent during 2020, maximizing the amount of organic traffic.
  • Streamline the process of topical research and delegation of responsibilities throughout the whole content creation process.
  • Work on making the content fresh and relevant through a longer time frame instead of just producing new content


  • Almost 100% increase in organic traffic on a year-to-year basis, when comparing the 2020 results yearly up to 2022.
  • We developed a content creation framework to be used both by content managers and technical writersThe framework systemized all the relevant information that the content managers should gather and structure in order to clearly and effectively communicate to technical writers how the content should be structured.
  • A content writing template was developed and technical writers were given instructions on how to structure their output.
  • We addressed cannibalization - due to the industry being tied to Microsoft enterprise solutions, the amount of cannibalization was rather high and no clear topical clustering was present.
  • The whole content reporting system was developed - every content piece got stored inside a dedicated content inventory. Each piece of content was meticulously tagged with various attributes so the performance of the content could be tracked across all those attributes, making the decision of which topics or personas we wish to address much easier.
  • An experimentation framework has been developed together with tracking, making it easy for us to experiment with old content and to notice which approach works the best.
  • An evergreen strategy has been put in place, ensuring that the content freshness is high and that the content is relevant, based on industry changes, which often occur.


  • 100% Almost 100% increase in organic traffic on a year-to-year basis, when comparing the 2020 results yearly up to 2022.