Setting up a digital business structure for an Air Conditioner and Industrial goods wholesaler

We empowered the client's business with digital tools and processes, allowing them to commence communication and business activities online, themselves as an undisputed regional digital leader within their industry. is a major local air conditioning wholesaler and is an official distributor of brands like Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Hyundai, Trotec, Toshiba, etc. In late 2016. they started adopting digital communication channels with a goal of getting more digital reach and acquiring more users on their website.





2018 - ongoing


  • Technically inefficient web information system
  • Lack of understanding of their user’s digital behavior
  • Digital marketing activities lacking structure
  • Inability to convert users into leads and customers
  • Lack of specific knowledge on how to compete in the digital world


  • We provided full guidance to building a new website with a robust information structure,covering a full business ecosystem.
  • Full content strategy and a collaboration with content production to develop a content framework, providing a clear emphasis on consistency of information architecture across various user intent categories.
  • Setting up an analytical ecosystem with fully optimized technical requirements for data collection and analytical surroundings.
  • Acquisition strategies that cover main digital channels with an optimization process based on data-driven insights.
  • Team development that consists of different partnering companies, freelancers, and an internal digital team capable of tackling multiple tasks within the digital environment.


  • 318% Increase in users (Y-O-Y)
  • 512% Increase in organic users (Y-O-Y)
  • 356% Increase in macro conversions (Y-O-Y)
  • Vision An unified vision of the project's purpose, where everyone was on board.
Before the collaboration began is a major local air conditioning wholesaler and is an official distributor of brands like Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Hyundai, Trotec, Toshiba, etc. In late 2016., they started adopting digital communication channels with a goal of getting more digital reach and acquiring more users on their website. Unfortunately, things went in the opposite direction as the new website was a failure, being slow in response, lacking clear information architecture, no dedicated content and with lacking UX elements. Upon publishing, the website experienced a sudden major drop in the number of users and conversions, leading to a desperate need for answers and quick and immediate changes.

Research & Strategy

Although we are not advocates of immediate redesign processes as it requires a lot of time and investments, this case required such an unpleasant approach as the client was in a desperate need of a full redesign, along with UX, information system and content restructuring. Initially, we have set up a strategic approach for a new website so we could address multiple business segments and set the foundation for future improvements. We mapped their business surrounding to understand the differences between B2B and B2C business segments, which include clients, distributors, brand owners, mechanics, business partners, etc. We provided guidance through the whole process and steered the direction for design and website development. This included content structure, UX features, information structure and a complete technical SEO setup. We also implemented an advanced analytical environment, with an complete implementation and customization of Google Analytics.


Initial activities resulted in major improvements to major business-related keywords and, consequently, the amount of traffic coming as a result of organic searches. To move the needle even further, a stronger emphasis on general industry-specific content was required. In the beginning, we analyzed the market demand for industry information, creating a strong content strategy, covering high-volume information queries with topics such as general air conditioning maintenance, advantages of air heating and energy consumption. Out of all website sections, this section now contributes to 20% of all page views that happened in 2019. Besides that, our strategy involved detailed information on the brands they are distributing to the market; air conditioning solutions for different industries like restaurants, server houses, etc; multiple case studies of their present work; and finally, detailed product information that would answer all questions regarding specific air condition devices.

User Acquisition

To tie activities across various channels together, we created an acquisition strategy based on the RACE marketing framework with major custom-tailored modifications, based on the market specifics. This way, before creating a new campaign or starting a new activity, we established all the needed steps and processes that needed to be done to execute the strategy to bring in results. Our strategy covered multiple acquisition channels like SEO, GSN, GDN, social media, and digital PR activities. This mixture led to more targeted traffic with the following results:

  • Increase in the number of users from paid traffic by 221% and primary conversion increase by 740% (Y-O-Y)
  • Increase in the number of users from referral traffic by 48% and primary conversion increase by 192% (Y-O-Y)
CRO & Analytics

As the results grew, the client quickly realized the potential in direct conversions and how they affect the business. With all the data in place, we placed a strong emphasis on direct conversions inquiries on the product. This led to multiple changes within the website UI and UX with an emphasis on a stronger customer experience. Together with the client, we created a set of targeted questionnaires to help website users better describe their needs and to receive a more personalized quote. Besides that, this helped us to differentiate various user segments, both B2B and B2C types, along with their specific needs.

Internal Digital Team

The complexity and the scope of this project required additional manpower to tackle numerous tasks and difficulties along the way. We helped the client structure their digital team that is now fully capable of achieving multiple tasks set by their management board. The structure of the team consists of external design and development companies, marketing designers, copywriters, paid advertising executives, managers, etc.

Present Activities

We are highly focused on B2B eCommerce and further development of this section of the client’s business.